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Ergotron® Learnfit sit stand desk
Transform classrooms, conference rooms or common areas into active spaces with the Learnfit mobile sit stand deskPersonalize how your students learn or work and stay productive with a sturdy, wide worksurface, and get comfortable with an open base that fits most chairs and offers up extra leg room when sitting and a foot rest when standing.
Ideal for STEM learning classrooms.
Ergotron Teachwell mobile digital hub
This compact technology hub consolidates an LCD or laptop, keyboard and mouse, portable document camera/visualiser, DVD player, wireless extender, projection device and more on to one, stable platform.
Untether from a desk, podium or any single place in the classroom and move wherever needed to deliver collaborative curriculum and change from a sitting to standing position whenever you want as you teach or work.
TeachWell’s small footprint easily rolls through aisles, doors and cramped media areas while the height-adjustable platform moves the keyboard, display and worksurface in one simple motion.
Ergotron fever detection mobile thermal imaging cart
Quickly detect potential Covid - 19 and other fevers with the assistance of the Ergotron mobile thermal imaging cart. The optional portfolio of shelves and accessories allow you to mount your preferred thermal imaging camera to bring quick diagnostic testing wherever it’s needed and the innovative hot swap LifeKinnex™ powerTechnology supports uninterrupted workflows.
Ergotron Workfit sit stand desktop
This ultra simple standing desk solution quickly converts a tabletop into a healthy sit-stand workstation. Simply place the WorkFit-T on an open surface and you’re ready to work!
WorkFit-T and WorkFit-TL save space because they move straight up and down, always staying within the footprint of your desktop. The platform is extremely stable throughout its range of motion enabling the user to freely lean on it while working without worry about tip or height-drop.

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