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Sheets and mattress protectors

The Actil Commercial brand has built a solid reputation for servicing Colleges, Hostels, Boarding Schools and workforce accommodation providers. As a long term leading supplier of sheets to the Hospitality sector, the Actil commercial range of sheets are manufactured to withstand the hard wearing nature of these environments whilst offering superior comfort and value.

Quilts and pillows


We supply industry leading Actil commercial towels suitable for College, Boarding and Hostel environments. With a large choice of colors and sizes and manufactured to withstand commercial laundering, Actil commercial towels continue to be the number one choice for commercial accommodation.

Buglock® mattress encasements

BugLock® by Freshotel® offers your guests a healthy, hygienic and allergen free sleeping environment. Bed bugs travel in suitcases and only appear at night and can be controlled by using the patented BugLock® enclosure system that incorporates a sealed safety trench that is stitched around the typically vulnerable zipper clasp as well as micro-zipper teeth for an extra tight closure. 
BugLock® provides early detection, saving you both time and money by drastically reducing the amount of effort associated with addressing infested bedding. The BugLock® range is offered in two different depths to achieve a perfect fit on your mattress and/or base. Once sealed, you have a the peace-of-mind that your investment is protected for the life span of your bedding.
Key features - Buglock® mattress encasements
  • Protect and extend mattress life and mattress investment with complete encasement protection
  • Patented sealed zip lock system keeps mites and bugs away from mattress
  • Prevent dust mites and bed bugs from mattress infestation with bug proof sealed zip lock system
  • Prevent allergens such as human and pet dander, (dead skin cells and hair) and mite and bug waste particles from soiling mattress 
  • Prevent bacteria and mould growing throughout mattress as a result of sweat, stains and moisture

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